Amir Dezhakam



Amir Dezhakam

1963- Kerman

Actor, Director, Writer, Educator

B.A. of directing, Faculty of Fine Arts, 1995- M.A. of Directing, Tarbiat Modares University, 2001



“A Song for Daughter of Fairies’ King”, Directed by “Sepideh Nazaripour”, Tehran

“Froud’s play”, Directed by “Keramat Ruaz-Roham Makhdoumi”, Tehran

“Acid”, Directed by more than twenty directors all over the country

“Khosravi Classified”, Directed by “Touran Sheykh Beiglou”, Tehran

“King of Love”, Directed by “Hady Maezban”, Tehran

“Saqi”, Directed by “Hassan Sarchahi”, Shahroud – Tehran

“Much Odd For Nothing”, Directed by “Dardous Hajian”, Tehran-Paris

“A Verse of Blasphemy”, Directed by “Hosssein Mosafer”, Tehran-Paris

Author and Director:

“I Love Spring” 1978

“Night of return” 1983

“Hands and Hearts” 1987

“Most Beautiful Flowers of the Carpet” 1991

“Bride of Well”, 1993

“Shahrzad” 1995

“Souvenir” 1995

“Song of Fairy Princess” 1996

“Acid” 1996

“Khosravi Classified” 1997

“Ceremony of the Devil”, 1998

“Taj Mahal” 1998

“Siavashkhani” 2000

“Much Odd For Nothing” 2001

“King of Love”2004

“Call Her Pomegranate and wheat” 2005

“Rozhan”, 2005

“Cruse of water lily”, 2005

“Black Lazuli” 2005 (the only copy of this play went missing in Sahne newspaper Office)

“Black Vermilion”, 2006

“Cancer” 2007

“Verse of Blasphemy” 2007

“Saqi” 2008

“Soeimany story of Birds” 2009

“Mahmanzar”, 2009

“Water Thief” 2010

“A hand Fool of Moon and Stars” 2010

“Bread and Teethe” 2010

“Barbaric Coquetry” 2010

“Glass” 2011

“Bears Need No Care” 2011

“Nosrat Khanoum My mother and Norouz” 2011


“White Horse” Directed by “Kermani”, Kerman, Cultural Center of Children and Young Adults, 1976

“Seyyed Kazim”, directed by “Alireza Madady”, Kerman, Theater Center, 1976

“Hunters”, directed by “Alireza Madady”, Kerman, Theater Center, 1980

“Night of Return”, directed by Amir Dezhakam, Kerman, Medical University, 1980

“Fall”, directed by “Zabiholah Ghasemi”, Kerman, Medical University, 1982

“Tonem”, directed by “Mahdi Sany”, Kerman, Medical University, 1985

“Death of the Other”, directed by “Masoud Soltanzadeh”, Tehran, talar Molavi, 1984

“On Stage”, directed by “Hossein Mokhtary”, Tehran, Molavi Hall, 1987

“Evening of a Lake”, directed by “Hossein Farokhy”, Tehran, Molavi Hall, 1987

“Blue Eye of the Ocean”, directed by “Farshad Fereshte Hekmat”, Tehran, Theater Shahr, Chaharsou hall, 1988

“Sea of Estrangements”, directed by “Attila Passyani”, Tehran, Theater Shahr, hall Number 2, 2005

“Child”, directed by “Siavash tahmoures’, Tehran, ghashghaiee hall, 2006

Television Series:

“Memorable Days” directed by “Homayoun Shahnavaz”, Channle 1, 2003

“14th Night’s Moon” directed by “Mohammadali Taleby”, Channel 3

“Last Invitation” directed by “Hossein Soheilyzade”, Channel 1, 2005

“Zero Degree Latitude” directed by “Hassan Fathi”, Channel 1, 2006

“Five Minutes to the Frontier” directed by “Seyyed Javad Hashemy”, Channel 4, 2006

“Maternal Song” directed by “Hossein Soheilyzade”, Channel 1, 2007

“Long Thoth Tiger” directed by “Hadi marzban”, Channel 4, 2008

“Years of Mashrute” directed by “Mohammadreza Varzy”, Channel 1, 2009

“Foggy Tabriz” directed by “Mohammadreza Varzi”, Channel 1, 2011

“Confusion” directed by “Hossein haghighy”, Quran Channel, 2012



“Maybe Soon, Maybe Never” directed by “Reza Beheshti”, Channel 1

“Third Factor” directed by “Majid Javanmard”, Channle 1

“Mirage” directed by “Hossein Soheilyzade”, Channel 3, 2011


Teaching Certification, Tarbiat Modares, 2002

Faculty Member of Art and Architecture University, 1985-2013

A member of selection boars in students, moon and traditional theater festivals

Director of “Holy defense” festival in its first and second years, 1995-1996

Guiding more than 100 B.A. thesis

Guiding more than 50 M.A. thesis of directing in theater

Twenty years teaching in B.A. level

Ten years teaching in B.A. level